Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be An Example

"Live so that those who don't know Him will want to know Him because they know you." - author unknown.

Sometimes you are an example to those you would least suspect are even paying attention to you. These "secret admirers" watch your behavior from afar. They might watch because they truly admire you, or they might watch because they want to catch you doing something that goes against what you stand for.

Having integrity means you do what is right even when no one is watching. It's a quality we should all strive to develop. Integrity makes you honest and trustworthy. It makes you dependable and charitable. It's a quality that might come easy for some, and for others is a daily goal they aim to achieve.

Whichever category we are in,  if we become more aware of our actions ~ making sure we are doing what's right whether we are in a crowded room or by ourselves ~ the example we set for those who might be watching will be one we can be proud of.

Think of someone in your life who you have looked up to. What was it about this person that you liked? What qualities did they possess that you wanted to emulate? Did being around them or watching them make you want to be a better person?

While this good example in your life might possess qualities you admire, they might struggle in other areas you aren't aware of. It's good to have someone to look up to, but, even if we do admire someone, keep in mind that no one is perfect. Each one of us has our own package to carry through life. Each package has its ups and downs. How we deal with our own ups and downs can help define our integrity. It can make the difference in whether our "secret admirer" is watching with admiration, or waiting for us to fall.

We should look for examples in our lives that will build us up as individuals. We should admire those who live with integrity and who aren't afraid to let that integrity shine. We should strive to be the kind of example to others that we can be proud of. By aiming to attain integrity, we are exemplifying He who is the greatest example of all.

Be An Example

Monday, April 4, 2011

Of Royal Birth

"We are children of royal birth. Our Father is king of Heaven and Earth." ~ author unknown.

This is the first line of one of my favorite poems, "Royal Birth." I've used the poem in its entirety in lessons to the youth over the years. It has a very empowering and inspirational message that is beneficial to anyone who takes that message to heart. It tells us that we are children of a heavenly king. That makes each one of us a prince or princess. Although that simple statement might sound silly, it packs a powerful punch. Your possibilities in life are endless. You can go out and take on the world.

But wait. Before you go out and take on the world, you will need the proper armor. Being children of royalty comes with certain responsibilities and the world is a dangerous place without being properly protected.

First, you have to realize and believe that you are somebody very special. You matter. The world would not be the same without you making your mark in it.

Second, you need to develop and share your talents. You were given talents. Some of us might take longer than others to discover those talents, but we all have them. Find joy in those talents and take the time to find and develop new ones. We bless each other by sharing these heavenly and royal gifts.

Third, you need to have a positive attitude. Look for the good in everything and everyone around you. If you look, you will find it. Finding the good will fill you with happiness, leaving no room for the bad thoughts and feelings. Your royal birthright will shine through your eyes in no time! After all, it is said that the eyes are the window to the soul.

So, for the rest of your day, put on your royal armor and think of yourself as the prince or princess that you are. Live in a way that reflects that status. Believe in who you are. Walk straight and tall and know that you are somebody special. After all, "you are a child of royal birth."

Royal Birth - Boy
Royal Birth - Girl