Monday, September 30, 2013

Perspective Changes Everything

With the Lord's help I will not fail.
I'm blessed with trials and will prevail!
~ Stacy J. Coles

When you look around at the beautiful changes that the fall season brings, you can't help but feel gratitude for the One who created it all. The beautiful changing leaves. The spiced, fragrant smells. The vibrant colors everywhere you look. The crispness in the morning air. It's heavenly ... and a reminder that there is a heavenly being who created it all for us to enjoy.

I like to think that the changing of seasons is a reminder for us to not be stagnant in our own lives. We all need a fresh, new perspective on things every now and then. We might be dealing with a physical or mental ailment, a frustrating or challenging job, financial shortcomings, jealousy or anger issues, loneliness, a broken heart, or a hurt relationship. The struggle is different for everyone, but we all share the opportunity to change our perspective on our situation.

We are put on this earth with our own set of trials, but we are not left to deal with these trials alone. We are just a prayer away from the companionship and comfort of a Heavenly Father who wants us to be happy, no matter what our religion may be. We also have the option of choosing to fall victim to our challenges or turning our weaknesses into strengths and becoming as vibrant as the colors of the season. 

As we draw closer to the holidays, try looking upon your trials with an attitude of gratitude instead of resentment and frustration. With a prayerful heart, find a way to turn your challenges into something that will make you stronger. Look for ways to serve those around you. By focusing outward, you are less likely to dwell on your own challenges. Serving others might change our perspective on things and help us realize how much we really have been blessed with ~ trials and all!
Perspective Changes Everything