Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Stable Few

Are you one of the Inn crowd,
or one of the Stable few?

I love this time of year when the world around us seems a little friendlier; people are more aware of the needs of others; hearts are touched; and love, hope, and forgiveness are in the air.

It's no coincidence that this spirit surrounds us at Christmas time because it's a holiday focused on Christ. His life was the perfect example of charity, love, hope, and forgiveness.

We should make an effort to shadow these Christ-like traits every day of the year, not just at Christmas. Helping those in need, reading our scriptures, thinking of others, having our hearts centered around Christ ... we need to make these part of our daily lives, not just annual events or Christmas traditions. Having that spirit of Christ with us every day shows our continuous love and gratitude for Him.

Everywhere you look, right now, people are displaying acts of kindness because that's what you do at Christmas ... and it's wonderful! But, after the holidays are over and the focus of "good will toward men" is put to rest until next Christmas, be aware of your daily deeds. Hold on tight to those Christ-like traits and continue being a light for those around you. It may not be the "inn" thing to do in January or July, but the "stable" followers of Christ will find they can make a difference in people's lives year round.
Inn Crowd Stable Few