Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Standing Firm in an Unbalanced World

When the winds of life start blowing you down ... 
Stand firm. Stand balanced. Stand your ground.

Life was hard enough when I was growing up. But now, as I watch my children embark on their own social and emotional journeys, it's downright scary!

It can be very confusing, to adults and children alike, when the principles and values you teach in the home are questioned by the "outside" world. When your standards are viewed by the general public as strange or confining, do you bend to conform to the crowd? Or do you find the strength to stand firm against the ridicule and remarks?

People can be cruel. As we teach our children, and remind ourselves, to be accepting and courteous to others, we also need to incorporate the necessity to hold our principles and values close. It's so difficult to be the one who is being questioned, mocked, or taunted; however, if we instill in our children that they have a divine nature and are of great worth, we give them the armor they need to face their day-to-day battles.

It's more important now than ever before to understand that we each have a purpose in this life. We matter. The world might make us feel otherwise, at times. But when we feel those strong winds of opposition blowing us down, we can stand firm, stand balanced, and stand our ground by remembering who we are and where we came from. When knowledge of your divine nature and individual worth is deeply rooted, you are strong enough to stand firm in an unbalanced world.
Stand Firm