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A Circle of Sisters
*50 short stories about Relief Society
and Visiting Teaching
Compiled by JoLyn Brown
*Contributing Author: Stacy J. Coles
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Sandra Nazar, Deseret News:

Enjoy Today ... Before It Slips Away
written & illustrated by Stacy J. Coles
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* Winner of the Turning the Pages Book of the Year Award 2012 in the Short Story category.

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  1. This is a beautiful book. Brings tears to my eyes everytime.

  2. I was surprised by how much this story touched me. It was simple and sweet, but it really made me think about how I'm spending my time and wishes now while my children are young. I'm a what's-coming-next type of person, and I tend to think of things as being all about the destination. I'm definitely not an enjoy-the-journey type of person, particularly because this part of my journey has some challenges. This book made me reconsider my attitude and recommit to find the beauty and enjoyment in every day. Great read.

    (Now I have to go change a diaper, but I'll try to enjoy it. *Wink*)

  3. This is an amazing reminder for all of us. To often we do not enjoy the moment we are in and wish our life away. Stacy Coles has written a great book. We should all enjoy today. If you are wondering what to give your mom on mother's day this is the perfect gift. C. LaRene Hall

  4. This would make a great gift for any Mom or mother-in-law. When our children are little, they are forever wishing they were older, bigger, grown up, more in control of things. When I was little, I wished that myself. Now I look at my kids getting bigger, wishing they were grown ups, with me wanting them to stay just as they are, at least for a little longer. A bittersweet necessity,growing up.

  5. I recently lost my father to cancer and my grandmother to Alzheimer's Disease. Reading this story reminded me how imoortant it was to be there for them and to cherish every moment of your life. Stacy has a simple let poignant style of writing, compelling and heartwarming. This is a story that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you, Stacy!