Wedding Invitations

Get beautifully designed wedding invitations for a price that won't break the bank. See samples below.

My work is fun, elegant, unique, and professional but I make the process simple because the rest of your wedding will cause you enough stress!

I charge a flat rate of $50 for the invitation design. 

You take the card and get it printed/copied at your choice of printers.
* Email me at I will need your ...
  • Card Size Preference (5x5 - costs extra postage when mailing, 5x7 or 6x8) 
  • Wedding Date
  • Names 
  • Event Information
  • Registration Information
  • Colors (What are your wedding colors? I will design your invitation/announcement to coordinate with your color scheme.)
* Picture(s): Pictures are optional to use with invitations/announcements. My designs look great with or without a photo. Picture(s) can be incorporated into the design or loosely put into the envelope along with your invitation. If you choose to use pictures ...
  • Email me your own picture(s) or,
  • I can take the picture(s) for your invitations ($125 - includes sitting fee, commute, photoshop work, cd with pictures, and rights to those pictures to print as you please).

Invitation Options

Sample of 5x7 Horizontal

Sample of 5x7 Vertical

Sample 1 ~ 8x6
Sample 2 ~ 5x5
Invitation without picture. Photo can be added in the envelope.

Sample 3 ~ 8x6

Sample 4 ~ 6x8

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