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Friday, March 23, 2012

Be Your Own You

Be yourself. An original is always worth more than a copy.

We will interact with many people throughout our lives who will influence us in different ways. Some might have a physique we envy, a style we want to adopt, or a talent we want to copy. But if we spend our time copying the lives of others, who will we become?

Although we all have someone we admire, today focus on who you are. What makes you unique? What separates you from the crowd? There are great things about each one of us that we need to take pride in. We need to spend more time saying, "I am proud to be me." And if this phrase doesn't roll off your tongue, you've got some practicing to do!

If you are someone who has a difficult time thinking positively about yourself, enlist the help of a spouse, close friend or family member. People who know and love you are sure to have a list of great and wonderful things to say about you. Just be sure to listen and say "Thank you," when they are done. Don't counteract the positives by disagreeing with them!

Once you have your list of positive features, put it someplace you will see it. Read it out loud. Read it often. If you think of more features, talents, or personality traits, add them to your list. If you receive a compliment, add it to the list. If you learn something new, add it to the list. You can even add one or two things you'd like to improve.

It's good to know what makes you YOU. It's even better to like what makes you YOU! Be proud of who you are. Own who you are. Emphasize your positives and work on the negatives until they become positives. Just make sure who you are is YOU. An original is always worth more than a copy.

Be Yourself


  1. It's so much easier to find your faults than to sing your praises.

    1. So true! That's we we need help. Sometimes, lots of help!!

  2. I used to find it egotistic to praise myself, but then I realised I do have some talents, because other people keep pointing them out.

    It's hard to be honest about positives, but we should all try.

  3. Great post. As a writer I think we tend to copy other writers we love, but it's important to find our own voice. This is a great reminder.

  4. Good reminder. I agree with the above comments. Thanks.