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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Learning To Laugh At Yourself

When you are the first to laugh at yourself, everyone else laughs with you ~ not at you.

We all have bad days, embarrassing moments, and sometimes feel like burying our heads in the sand. Hanging our heads in shame and running away only intensifies those paralyzing feelings. In these situations, laughter is always the best policy!

When you are the first to laugh at yourself, everyone else laughs with you ~ not at you. This is a lesson that can often be difficult to put into practice. I'm still trying to master the task! Laughing at our mistakes and blunders actually helps eliminate and relieve the anxiety that builds up in awkward situations. When that anxiety disappears, we become more clear-headed and can (hopefully) convince ourselves and any on-lookers that we have the situation under control. 

Life is too short to stress out every time things go wrong. Laughing at ourselves can be very entertaining ... and contagious. It's also a great way to tighten those abs and burn some calories. See ~ benefits all around!

The hardest time to find the laughter is when we feel insulted. But, like anything else in life, the hardest tasks usually lead to the biggest rewards. If we are dodging verbal bullets, laughing or smiling often lets the other party realize that their insults aren't as affective as they had hoped. They realize their words aren't as powerful as they had hoped. Remember, you have the power to let things affect you ... or laugh about it and move on.
Laugh At Yourself

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