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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Practicing What We Preach

* Have you ever found yourself yelling at your child/sibling/friend while you are telling them to keep their voice down?

* Have you ever told your child/sibling/friend to be thankful for the talents they have while you are secretly wishing you could sing, draw, sew, play piano, or play sports as well as your neighbor?

* Have you ever told your child/sibling/friend that they are not alone when you feel overwhelmingly lonely?

Often times we dish out helpful advice to those we know and love with the purest of intentions, not realizing that we are just as guilty of the same fault we are trying to correct in someone else. Sometimes our advice to others can be the most therapeutic when applied to our own lives.

When we are on the outside of the situation looking in, it's easy for us to see options and solutions that otherwise could easily be overlooked. The trick is that once we dish the advice, we need to take the time to reflect on our own words of wisdom. While reflecting, consider applying your insightful advice to your own life. Even if it doesn't relate to a situation in your life now, it might in the future. Write the advice down in a notebook. Then, you will have it and be able to reflect at a later time in life when it might be more applicable.

If we practice what we preach, we will also learn to be less critical of others. We acknowledge our own limitations and realize that we are capable of solving our personal conflicts. It's humbling when we realize the benefits of our own words of wisdom. As we put our advice to practice, we grow, knowing that we, too, have room to improve. Others will be more likely to take our advice if we practice what we preach.

Practice What We Preach


  1. This is a lovely post! I love the idea of noting down our advice in a notebook. Do you keep one?

    I know I always give out advice but sometimes I give it out while knowing I'll never take it myself.

  2. OH yes...we have to. I write a blog piece about how I write and someone challenged me whether I follow it myself and if it works.

    My kids always question me about what I do when I correct them. My standard reply is 'you can learn from my mistakes or repeat them'.

  3. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. This is something that takes a lifetime of practice and patience to develop.

  4. This is so very true, thank you for reminding me to set an example of my words!