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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Break Through Your Glass Ceiling

For years, without knowing, I've built a glass room:
Four walls and a ceiling, but no room to bloom.
I know there's more to me than what meets the eye,
So I'm going to be brave; new things will I try
~ Stacy Coles

We all know about the figurative glass ceiling in the corporate world. But there is also a glass ceiling in our personal world. A barrier we make ourselves that we, alone, have the power to break through.

It becomes so easy to limit ourselves when we get into a comfort zone. Not many people like the idea of change or trying something new. But, if we sit idle in our everyday routine, we don't grow. We need to dig down deep and find what our true potential is.

Think about what you do daily, whether you are busy at home with kids or work a 9 to 5 job. Then, ask yourself if you're happy doing what you're doing. If you are, think of what you could do to step it up. There's always something we can do to challenge ourselves. If you aren't happy, decide what you would rather be doing or think of something else you'd like to try. Once you have an idea in mind, take actions to make it happen.

Some may decide to change careers. Others may just want to change their attitude about what they're doing. Our personal glass ceilings are as unique as we are. Because of this, it's up to us to break through the barrier that keeps us from reaching our full potential. Once those barriers are broken, the sky is the limit to reinvent ourselves. Not a total transformation ~ just take what's already great about you and make it fabulous!
Glass Ceiling

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