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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time For A Techno Self Check

Life goes by fast, but not staying up on technology trends will leave you in the dust.

In today's economy, a good job that you love and are well qualified for can be hard to come by and difficult to hold on to. Technology is replacing many jobs that were once thought of as mainstream, leaving well-educated men and women wondering what to do next.

Use technology to stay afloat on the new trends that seem to appear daily. Don't let the new apps and gadgets scare you. Instead, learn how to use them to your advantage. Get onto Google and type in the name of an app that interests, frustrates, or annoys you. Download a tutorial and read up on how to put it to use. Invest some money in an upgraded phone, computer software, or tablet and learn their functions. Check out other social media trends that seem to be taking over society. The fact is, they're not going away. They're only improving!

While technology makes life easier, it can also be used against us. Remember that today, anyone can be a detective. Employers are going to do their research before hiring and if your night on the town is displayed with raunchy photos on your Facebook page or fowl language on your Twitter account, you might look less desirable than what your resume portrays. So, while you are enjoying the ease of online sharing with your social media BFFs, keep in mind that you are also marketing yourself to the business world (whether you intend to or not). Don't post anything online today that might embarrass you tomorrow. Always put your best self out there, because you never know who is watching!

Techno Self Check


  1. I was afraid to get an iphone but I am up and running quickly! I agree with your last statement. It's important to be true to our image - which hopefully will be the same as being true to ourselves. So, what we put out there should be in alignment with how we want the world to know us.

  2. So does this mean you are going to take your own advice and get a facebook account??

    1. Ha Ha...I knew someone would ask that! Facebook will come sooner or later, but for now, watch for my Thought Boxes on Pinterest.

  3. Well said. I've attended a lot of classes about hiring people and being sure to check their online presence.

  4. If you wouldn't say it in public, should you say it in private?

  5. True! You tube does have great tutorials. It's always good to learn something new.

  6. Your blog looks great! Good job. Only one suggestion: you may want to change the posting security level on your blog. The way you have it now, someone who has a self-hosted blog (or pretty much any blog except a Blogger blog) cannot sign in with their name and URL. I've had to create a dummy Blogger blog to use in cases like yours, but I think you'd get more comments if you chose the option that allows Name/URL sign in. Does that make sense?


    1. I changed my settings to let anyone make a comment. Let me know if this is what you meant.

      Thanks for the input. I had no idea it was set up this way.

  7. Great blog. Technology can certainly be our best friend and our worst enemy. As long as we don't forget that we are human, I think we'll be okay. I found you on Linkedin.

    1. Great! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  8. Loved the saying. So true, as often seen in the news of late.