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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Clean the Winter Blues Away

A little spring cleaning today can make the winter blues go away.

Depending on where you live, this time of year can leave people feeling trapped with the winter blues. If you're not fortunate enough to take a mid-winter vacation to a tropical island or a state/country that enjoys 80 degree weather all year 'round, try a different method to brighten your mood ~ spring cleaning.

Before you start rolling your eyes, keep reading! Even if you aren't a "cleaner," and cringe when you hear the word, this can work. Start with one drawer in one room, like the junk drawer in your kitchen or office (you know you have one somewhere ~ we all do!).  File or throw away coupons that you put aside months ago. Put loose coins into a saving jar. Make a file for your kids' school papers. Place receipts into a zip-loc bag. Tame unruly cell phone charging cords with a twisty tie or rubber band. Once you have emptied the drawer, thrown away the garbage, and organized what's left, carefully place the "keep" items back into the drawer.

Now take a step back. Don't you feel a little better? A little "lighter?" If you answered "No," keep cleaning. I promise your mood will improve.

Next, go to the cabinet under the kitchen or bathroom sink. Throw away old, empty bottles that you forgot you had. Toss the old, dusty rags (that you haven't touched since the last time you dusted) into the washing machine. Once all the hair products or cleaning supplies are out, get a damp rag and clean the bottom of the cabinet before placing the items back in.

Now, open your coat closet. Is it full of coats and filled with a musty smell? Pull out any coats that haven't been used in a few years and place them in a "donation" bag. Vacuum or sweep the floor of the closet. Now, to get rid of the musty smell, try this trick: tape a fabric softener sheet somewhere in the closet. I tape one (not so discretely) to the top of the molding piece inside the closet. This way, every time the door is opened, the scented sheet swings and freshens the air. When the door is closed, it ensures the coats will stay fresh. Replace the fabric softener sheet about once a week.

These spring cleaning jobs are EASY! They don't take a lot of time, but the little time that you spend can help boost your mood. Doesn't it make you feel better, and your home to seem fresher, when things are clean and organized? It's easy to make sure the dishes are put away, beds are made, and the living room is clean. So why not challenge yourself and see if cleaning out those junk drawers and closets that don't usually get attention will help you break out of the winter blues.

And if you're still not convinced, book a trip to Hawaii!

Spring Cleaning

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  1. Excellent idea. Even a single man such as I could do this. ;)