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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

StoryMakers Writers Conference Changed My Perspective

Let other people read what I write? Who does that?! What about criticism and rejection? I've always been a closet writer. Notebooks full of thought-filled articles and computer files safely hiding dozens of children's stories and chapter books. The phrase "one day" was how I described my dreams of ever being published.

That was my writing perspective until a friend introduced me to the StoryMakers Writers Conference.

I attended my first StoryMakers Writers Conference a few years ago in Provo for just one day. This all-day extravaganza where I was surrounded by successful authors and esteemed publishers had me feeling completely out of place. I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone at the conference friendly and inviting. They instantly welcomed me as though I had always been a part of their writing circle.

With a notebook and pen in hand, I took notes and soaked up the information like a sponge. With so many class options to choose from, I found myself wishing I had signed up for two days instead of just one. The talented class instructors held my attention throughout the entire day and left me thirsting for more. They were incredibly knowledgable about their topics and happy to supply us with information that would help further our own literary creations.

As I listened intently and observed the talent surrounding me, my thoughts kept returning to the unread stories that were hiding in my computer and the thoughts I had buried in a notebook. Something changed in me that day. Never before had I felt such a strong desire to get my work out there and make something happen.

I returned home that night and told my husband that I was ready to start submitting stories for publication. The next day, I sent out three different manuscripts to several publishers, all of whom were at the Writers Conference. I knew that the possibility was still present (and probable) for criticism and rejection, but my perspective was different. Nothing would continue happening if I didn't put my work out there. And I was tired of nothing happening.

Many rejection letters later, one of my books has been published with another scheduled for the end of the year. That conference gave me the confidence, tools, and kick in the pants I needed to bring my writing to life. I will be forever grateful to my friend who talked me into going and to the support and collaboration I continue to receive from the new friends I made at the conference.

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  1. Great information. Very helpful.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Fabulous post, Stacy! I love that you were motivated enough to go home and start submitting. And look how it totally paid off! Congrats!

  3. I finally went to Storymakers conference for the first time this year (after hearing about it for a few years from my sister) and it changed how I thought about my writing too. I came home with a changed perspective and new commitment to my writing dreams and goals.

  4. I agree about Storymakers. What a wonderful--and lasting--experience my attendance has given me. Wish I could attend this midwest conference.

  5. Storymakers was my first major writer's conference, too. Still working on getting there, but I know it was the right choice to go. :)

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