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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Go With Confidence

School is back in session and many students went to class with eagerness and anticipation of what the new year would bring. For others, a new start might be faced with more anxieties and trepidation.

What causes our nerves to get the better of us? Why is it that some people seem to have confidence to spare while others struggle to realize just how much they have to offer the world?

For the lucky few, confidence comes naturally. But for many, it comes with time ... and work ... and patience. When you walk into a room and anxiety takes the lead, it's usually due to a fear of rejection, fear of failure, or just feeling like you aren't good enough. Having confidence doesn't mean you think you're better than everyone else, it means you know you don't have to compare yourself to anyone in the first place.

No one can see your insecurities OR your confidence unless you let it show. We all have a little of both. So, which one are you going to let shine? When you feel inadequate, nervous, or rejected for whatever the reason, quickly think about five things that you love about yourself, five things you are awesome at, or five things that are unique about you. When you have your list, stand up straight and tall and let your list of greatness carry you through. Let your accomplishments, talents, and/or qualities put a smile on your face so you can go throughout your day with confidence. Don't worry about what anyone else is thinking. Chances are, they are too worried about themselves and their own insecurities and shortcomings to be thinking about you (sorry to burst your bubble).

Don't compare yourself to anyone around you. It's not a fair competition because there's no one else like you!


  1. Lovely sentiments. People are so competitive by nature. It's sad to think we are lesser people because we don't have (or achieve) what others do.

  2. Great encouragement! It's kind of like a new year's resolution pump talk. Thanks! I like your pretty quote boxes.