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Monday, May 30, 2011

Standing United

Tragedy and trials might strike us down
but, together we pull each other up from the ground.
We find strength in freedom, in liberty, in hope,
United we stand, helping each other to cope.

Our troops, then and now, have fought unselfishly,
risking their lives to bring opportunity.
Leaving families and loved ones behind as they fight,
We thank you for defending and securing our rights!
~ Stacy Coles

As a nation, we have seen devastation through natural disaster, and tragedy through terrorism. But one thing has always set the United States apart from other countries: when the dust settles, our flag is still standing. It's a symbol of our unity as a nation. A symbol that we, as a people, will buoy up our neighbor in their time of need. We will donate our time, money, efforts, love, and prayers when someone, somewhere is hurting or suffering.

As a people, we may disagree on political and religious fronts. But, we know to put our differences aside when it matters. We know that people matter; that family matters. And when tragedy strikes, we are all affected because we are a family fighting, here and overseas, to preserve our freedom, our liberty, and our hope.

As a family, we will continue to pray for our troops and for those who are suffering through loss. We, as a united family, will continue to do all we can to bring relief, support, and love to those in need. We will continue to pull each other up when we fall. We will continue to teach our children to honor the flag that flies in the wind and reminds us of all that has been sacrificed on our behalf. We will continue to feel pride when we salute those stars and stripes.

What a blessing to know that we are not alone in our battle of liberty. We stand tall with a strong army by our side and a constitution in our hearts as we defend our freedoms. And when we are hit with trials that are too heavy to carry alone, we are there for each other in our efforts to uplift, rebuild, and move on. What a truly blessed nation we live in. Even through natural disaster and terrorism, we have not lost sight that we are the United States of America; land of the free and home of the brave. We are proud to be Americans.



  1. Hi Stacy!
    So nice to meet you. Thanks for your visit and follow @ Life is Good. I've just gotten back online from a 2 1/2 week vacation. I'm looking forward to catching up with my cyber life and my bloggie buddies! Are you also doing BuNaWriMo? I'm always curious as to how people find me. What you say about a positive attitude really resonates with me. I'm working on contentment all the time (I have some severe orthopedic limitations) and it's my goal for my kids to find contentment as well. I look forward to exploring your blog more.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Yes! We are country with great resilience and are a wonderful friend!!!!! Your poem is outstanding. ;)